Custom Designs

Many clients we have built for did not find what they were looking for on the existing market so they decided to build.  Once they had chosen their block of land, they find that it is unique and there are many small details that each home can take advantage of.  Things like the prevailing wind direction, the sun rises and sets, the views, the existing trees on site or any number of other characteristics that are unique to their block.

In this case, we arrange to meet you on site and discuss you own thoughts and ideas.  We point out to you some different building techniques that may suit your land and ideas and we come up with some basic ideas right there for you as a starting point.  

From there, we head back to the office and draft up a concept design for you.  This is the first time some of the ideas start to really take shape.  We make sure everything fits on your land in the correct way and you get what you are looking for.  

Here are some examples of a started and completed home through our custom designed process: